Volume Corrector



Why choose it

​ECOR4 is a TYPE 1 volume converter, compliant with European Directives 2014/32/EU (MID) and 2014/34/EU (ATEX) and is specifically designed to meet the requirements of UNI TS 11291 and 155/08 Resolution of the Italian Authority for Electricity and Gas for the band ≥G10 of Measurement Groups.

ECOR4 performs the PTZ, PT or T type conversion of the volume measured by the meter under the standard reference conditions (base condition). The ECOR4 has the following features and functions:

  • LCD display with multi-level menu
  • Logging of consumption values
  • Remote transmission of the readings (compensated by temperature and pressure)

The apparatus has, as standard equipment, two digital outputs; one for repeating the correct volumes and the other for reporting an alarm. Data protection and inviolability of programming parameters is ensured by both sealable switches and programmable passwords.

The ECOR4 is part of Siconia Smart Gas metering solution including central Head End System and Meter Data Management system

ECOR4 is battery powered.

Normative requirements

  • ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive
  • MID 2014/32/EU Directive
  • UNI TS 11291, AEEG Resolution 155/08
  • WELMEC 7.2
  • EN 12405-1


  1. Power supply N° 2 lithium size D batteries 3,6 V
    • Estimated battery life > 8 years using GSM/GPRS under standard conditions
    • Estimated battery life < 15 years using NB1 under standard conditions
  2. Compact, waterproof sealed and protected casing made of polycarbonate and ABS plastic
  3. N° 2 digital inputs (configurable as 5Hz max count input or binary)
  4. N° 2 digital outputs (impulsive for repetition of correct volumes and programmable binary)
  5. High measurement stability (0,5% under reference conditions)
  6. PT-1000 sensor for gas temperature detection Length 50mm, diameter 5mm, 2.5 m long Four-wire cable
  7. Accuracy: ≤0.1% of measured value
  8. External pressure transducer
    • Cable length 2.5m silicon-based piezoresistive sensor
    • Connection to the M12x1.5 process
    • Accuracy: ≤0.25% of measured value
  9. Electronic alphanumeric liquid crystal display three lines 16 characters
  10. Full anti-tampering protection
  11. 6-button keyboard for setting the basic parameters
  12. PTZ, PT or P volume conversion using SGERG-88 compressibility formula
  13. ATEX Zone 1-----Il 2(1)G Ex ib [Ex ia Ga] T3 IIB T3 Gb -25 ≤ T amb ≤ 70°C
  14. ECOR 4 can be installed on the wall or, using optional adaptor brackets, on the pipeline or on the counter itself
  15. Cert. T10473 Rev. 1 0 del 13/11/2023 

Data Communication

  • GPRS communication (point-to-point) 
  • CTR and DLMS data communication protocols 
  • Local communication via ZVEI infrared optical port, according to EN 62056-21 standard


​Conversion of the measured volume is done using an algorithm that requires the following variables:

  • Volume of gas measured by the meter: acquired by the device through the impulsive input. 
  • Temperature: measured through an integrated digital probe
  • Gas pressure: measured by means of an integrated digital transducer.

The device calculates the degree of compressibility of the gas using standard methods or a constant value and finally provides the value of the converted volume (in standard m³)

Technical features ECOR4

Operating temperature-25 °C / +60 °C
Storage temperature-30 °C / +70 °C
Temperature basic conditions15 °C
Error under reference conditions<0,5 %
Error under operating conditions<1 %
Degree of protectionIP66
Mechanical classM2 mbar
Electromagnetic environmentE2
Temperature measurement range-25 °C a +60 °C
Pressure measurement range
(available options depending on transducer)
0,8/2 bar A
0,7/5 bar A
2/10 bar A
Dimensions230x150x54 mm
Weight2 Kg

Features and specifications approximate and subject to change.