Issuance of Certificates

Green hydrogen production and certification

Green hydrogen production and certification

Production of Electricity from Alternative Sources

The GNE delivers electricity obtained from alternative sources to the transformer with the GO (Guarantee of Origin).

Green Transformer

The transformer, an ISO 14000 certified legal entity, equips itself with the assets necessary for WBS 3 and certifies them.

Production of Green Hydrogen

The System, using the electricity owned by GO green and ISO 14000 assets, produces green hydrogen.

Storage and disposal

Hydrogen is either stored or sold, accompanied by its NFT.

The green hydrogen production process

Electrolysis is a process that consists in carrying out chemical transformations thanks to the supply of electrical energy; there is therefore the conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy.

The term "electrolysis" comes from Greek and means "to break with electricity", [2] given that in many cases subjecting a substance to electrolysis means breaking it down into its constituent elements. For example, through the electrolysis of water (whose molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom) the elements of which it is composed are obtained, i.e., hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2).

In cases where electrolysis leads to the splitting of a substance into its constituent elements, we speak more precisely of electrolytic dissociation.

2H2O → 2H2+ O2

We certify the entire production process of Green Hydrogen.

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