• Gas Mesurement<br>Gas Meter and Volume corrector
    Gas Mesurement
    Gas Meter and Volume corrector
    Volumetric measurement instruments with deformable walls
    for natural gas, manufactured gas, LPG and technical gases
    for industrial use
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  • Technology<br>for the Green Hydrogen
    for the Green Hydrogen
    Design and production of alkaline electrolyzers integrated
    with artificial intelligence applications for predictive maintenance.
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  • Eco-sustainability<br>of the systems
    of the systems
    Processes and methodologies for the certification of systems
    to international regulations
  • Integration<br>and innovation
    and innovation
    Sacofgas is an active player in the evolution of international studies on the penetration of hydrogen in energy demand
Gas Meters

Gas Meters

Volumetric measurement gas meters for residential/industrial use
Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Production

Alkaline electrolysers and production systems

Volumetric measurement meters with deformable walls for natural gas, manufactured gas, LPG, and technical gases, for residential/industrial use. Designed and built to the highest standards and in compliance with EN1359 and the MID Directive.

Design, assembly and installation of equipment and systems to produce Green Hydrogen, tested and certified through Smart Contracts, to contribute at achieving the planet's decarbonisation objectives.


Who we are

produzione di Idrogeno Verde

Sacofgas was born in 1927, and now challenges the future.

Since 1927, a leading company in the production of diaphragm gas meters, both domestic and industrial, it is the synthesis of a long history in the world of energy and gas.

It was born and evolves to bring industrial innovation to the Italian and European energy world.

The Hydrogen sector

The history of the hydrogen

Production and engineering path
Production processes and systems

The colors of hydrogen

Where it comes from and how it impacts the environment
The colors of world production.
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