Nautilus P10

Nautilus P10
Nautilus P10

Why choose it

​Sacofgas's Purifiers line, suitable for installation with Hydrogen or Nitrogen generators, are designed and built to allow the outgoing gases to obtain a dew point of -70 °C and a class 5 purity level (99,999 %).

The design of the purifier allows you to bring down the oxygen level and reduce the humidity. Sacofgas purifiers can work fully integrated with the alkaline Electrolysers, with which they share the control panel and management software, or stand alone with Electrolysers produced by third parties.

The materials and design of the purifiers have been chosen and designed to guarantee a lifespan of the machines exceeding 5,000 hours, even in extreme working conditions.

The purifiers can be integrated into skids with the dissociators or mounted on containers within a compact system.

Technical features Nautilus P10

Process gas max inlet pressure6 Bar
Process gas max flow11 Sm3/h
Voltage230 - 50/60 V - Hz
Outlet dew point (std)-70 °C
Outlet purity99,999 %
Regeneration nitrogen pressure6 Bar
Regeneration nitrogen flow10 Sm3/h
Regeneration nitrogen purity99,999 %
Dimensions (L x P x H)210 x 100 x 190 cm
Weight720 Kg

Features and specifications approximate and subject to change.