Gas Meter



Why choose it

The MGM65 meter is a volumetric measuring instrument with deformable walls for natural gas, manufactured gas, LPG and technical gases, for industrial use.

It is designed and built according to the highest standards, and in compliance with EN1359 standard and the MID Directive.

Measurement precision and accuracy are guaranteed by the production and control process, and by an automated calibration system, which is used at the internal Metrological Laboratory on 100% of the meters produced.

The quality of the plastic and metal components renders the meters highly sensitive, even with a minimum gas flow, and ensures excellent performance over time. 

The accuracy and reliability of the measurement over time is guaranteed by the consolidated mechanical principle of measurement itself, which is performed using a membrane and spool valve system.

Normative requirements

  • European Directive 2014/32/EU (MID)
  • Standard EN 1359:1998/A1:2006


  1. Membrane in synthetic material.
  2. Casing available in galvanised sheet steel; painted with polyester paint. 
  3. The meter with galvanised steel sheet casing guarantees excellent corrosion protection and is resistant to high "T" temperatures according to EN1359:1998/A1:2006.
  4. High measurement stability.
  5. Low noise and pressure absorption.
  6. Equipped with mechanical anti-return device.
  7. All models are designed to be connected to a low frequency (LF) pulse generating sensor.
  8. Measurement and counting units are not responsive to magnetic tampering.
  9. Meters are available on request with different types of connection and inter-axis distance.
  10. Mechanical transmission of the measurement to the dial.
  11. RAL 9000 standard colours (other colours on request).


The MGM65 meter is made with multi-chambers technology; three 6 dm3 metrological complexes, phased through a special kinematic device, work in parallel optimizing stability and measurement accuracy.

The difference in pressure between the meter’s inlet and outlet results in the cyclic filling and emptying of the two measuring complexes through the alternating movement of the deformable membranes.

The gas passing through the complexes is collected by a special manifold and expelled by an outlet pipe.

The alternation motion is converted into rotary motion by the kinematic measuring device, which consists of spool valves and connecting crank-rod coupling.

The counter dial, which records the measurement in compliance with current regulations, is driven by a mechanical shaft.

Technical features MGM65

Operating temperature-25 °C / + 55 °C
Accuracy class1,5
Standard connection
(According to ISO 228-1)
Flanged DN80
Cyclic volume18 dm3 (multicamera complex consisting of three 6 dm3 chambers)
Optionallow frequency pulse generator (LF) 1 imp= 0,1 m3
ClassG 65
Max working pressure500 mbar
Min flow rate (m3/h)0,65
Max flow rate (m3/h)100
Inter-axes distance500 mm
Dimensions (mm) A 500
B 378
C 186
E 210
F 6888
Misure MGM65

Features and specifications approximate and subject to change.